Designing Smarter
In-Person Events

Create smarter, more impactful events for organizers, attendees, and sponsors!

June, 14th at 11am - 1:30pm EST / 5pm - 7:30pm CET
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Learn from the best

Fortune 500 companies share how to run smarter, better, faster in-person events

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Addressing YOUR in-person challenges

How to plan for an event venue when you can’t predict attendee numbers

How to forecast the results of your next in-person event in an ever-changing environment

How to stay on top of your role as an event organizer when the industry is moving so quickly

How to maintain your sanity as your resources are reduced while your workload is increasing

How to manage rising costs and inflation as you organize your next in-person event


Save time by using fewer resources and get better results.

Boost ROI and attendee satisfaction with a results-driven strategy.

Work more efficiently by using a data-driven methodology.

Generate revenue by taking your events from a one-shot opportunity to a year-round engagement model.

Unleash the power of Smart In-Person Events.

Join us on June 14th.

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Welcome Session: You Can Build a Community Around ANYTHING

We’ll take you on a tour of the platform and discuss the power of building an amazing community.
Matt Snodgrass
Sabrina Meyers


Event Starts
5pm CET • 8pm GST

11:15 -11:30am

5:15pm CET • 8:15pm GST
Title of Session
EXCLUSIVE: For the first time since her globe-circling journey, Zara Rutherford, the youngest woman to fly solo around the world, shares the uplifting and inspiring story of her world-record-breaking achievement.
Scott Gould
Author, The Shape of Engagement

Events Vs. Communities: Pick Your Own Topic For This Session!

We'll go live to talk honestly and openly about the subject you most want to hear about!
RD Whitney
Founder of Community Leaders Institute (CLI)
Scott Gould
Author, The Shape of Engagement

11:35 - 11:55am

5:35pm CET • 8:35pm GST

12 - 12:25pm

6pm CET • 9pm GST

Speed Networking

Enjoy awesome speed networking thanks to our partner Remo. Here’s your chance to get to know a bunch of new eventprofs from around the world.

Mental Health & Wellbeing
In Events & Communities

Two mental health ambassadors from the events industry will be taking the stage to share personal experiences.
Jack Owens
International Association Conferences- Meet in Ireland
Andrew Roby
Event Storyteller aka Event Planner

12:25 - 12:45pm

Interactive Session
6:25pm CET • 9:25pm GST
Coffee Break 12:45 - 1pm
6:45pm CET • 9:45pm GST

1:05 - 1:25pm

Collaborative Session
7:05pm CET • 10:05pm GST

Evolve Building Blocks

You’re invited to participate directly in the creation of our community values. They will be sourced from you and your peers and help lay the foundation for the future of this community.

Navigating Community Engagement

Learn how to build a solid strategy to keep in touch with your community throughout the year.
Keneisha Williams
Founder of The Black in Events Network
Liz Bothwell
Head of Content & Marketing

1:25 - 1:45pm

Interactive Session
7:25pm CET • 10:25pm GST

1:50 - 2:20pm

Collaborative Session
7:50pm CET • 10:50pm GST

Community talks

Remo: How to run a structured networking lounge and increase connections between attendees effectively.
CLIPr: How can you create increased engagement and re-engagement for your audience?
Snapbar: Engagement and Gamification for Hybrid Events
Walls.io: 3 ways to refuel your event with attendee-generated content and social walls
Snöball: The battle to get registrants to actually attend and give a föck
Community Leaders Institute: Trends in community
Swapcard Analytics: How to Analyze Your Event Data

POV: You're a Gen Z Eventprof
Entering the Industry

We’ve invited two Gen Z eventprofs-in-the-making to tell us what they wish for and predict for the future of our beloved events industry.
Logan Tharpe
Marketing and Events Coordinator
Luca Morano
UX Designer and Community Builder

2:20 - 2:40pm

Interactive Session
8:20pm CET • 11:20pm GST

Wrap Up Party: It's Time to Celebrate!

We’ve got a DJ and some more fun party tricks up our sleeves to close out REvolve with a bang! Take a break, dance the stress away, and have a laugh with your fellow Evolvers.
Martin Smith
DJ Graffiti


Event Ends
8:45pm CET • 11:45pm GST


REvolve - Designing Smarter In-Person Events was made possible with support from our partners. Reach out to them for your upcoming events!