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Vincent Bruneau, Founder & CEO of Sparkup

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Unknown Speaker Hey, Vincent, I can't believe I'm seeing you in real life.Unknown Speaker This is your hologram right?Unknown Speaker now. You can touch us, me. Me, me. No, it's good. It's good to see you too. In real life, it's crazy. You guys, we have been friends online for almost two years now. We've been video calling and emailing and meeting each other during evolve. And I can actually like, see you in the flesh. It's so cool. That's amazing. Cheers to that. Vince, why don't you introduce yourself?Unknown Speaker Hi, I'm Vincent, the finance you have Spock up. sprocket is an interactive software where we try to recreate a interactivity and just a better experience online for the party. ButUnknown Speaker we're in Paris, as you can see you live in Paris. Are you living everywhere? You've been traveling a lot as well, recently. Exactly. Cool. So we here to talk a little bit about your experience at evolve. And in the Evolve community. And our our evolvers. Our community would love to know a little bit more about how your first experience was, I mean, you were one of the OG members, you started in May 2020. Way back, how has your experience been since then, as being part of this communityUnknown Speaker expense was fantastic. Very special, because we met you you organize an event online, you meet the people online. I will say that the what I get from the from that experience was very, very international community. You're in France, but you connect with people all over the world. And that was fantastic. In Japan in the US, I would say very friendly atmosphere. Everyone was at home working from home. And we are just joining this, this virtual events just to share very curious and I will say minded people, very open minded people like here are willing to share ideas and to just brainstorm about what was next. And know I think first six months, so the vote was pretty fantastic.Unknown Speaker You are an event tech CEO, you must work with a lot of clients that have had to pivot to virtual I hate that word. Sorry. I'm going to say, go online. Oh, good digital, over the past 18 months, 20 months, what have some of the biggest challenges of your clients been that you've seen what theUnknown Speaker biggest challenge has been to capture attention? I would say, because most of our cancers been struggling, I would say with top down webinar top down, we have heard about some feci webinar fatigue? And how do you really capture attention? How do you really maintain people attention when you know that you're just after five or six minutes? If they don't feel engaged? You're just doing something else? You know? So I would say one of the biggest change for us was like, how do you create a link between your virtual event and your attendees? How do you do you humanize virtual events? You know, how do you create the sense of cohesion for the people like we are part of a group, we are part of a team, we are part of the company. And we are here and just not just a video, pre recorded video. And that's it, it's done. And that has been the change. People are coming saying, Okay, I've done that. And can you help me just create this kind of interactivity? How do you engage your people? That has been the main I would say the main challenge?Unknown Speaker And what about solutions, where SolutionsUnknown Speaker has been really to help our community hyper clans use interactivity to use we've been creating, for example, workers have yet to adjust, you know, where people can activate the camera and right away, we take the stream and they on stage to make the field their policy events. And that has been we have been working on different little solution adding to each other, where at the end you are working on on a more more global experience, I would sayUnknown Speaker I have to admit I've been seeing the exact same thing, a lot of complaints on social media, with clients about the lack of real authentic connection. So my question to you is why is it so awkward? So cringe and uncomfortable to to really network and interact? Online?Unknown Speaker I think just networking on site is networking is serendipity. It's spontaneity and serendipity and spontaneity at the end, it's creativity because you meet with that guy you have this kind of conversation on a cocktail party and it's working event and then you meet the person and you connect the dots to Professor hey, I want you to introduce to the guy that Paul is of connection on site, we know how to leave that. But online, all the senses of of this verbal cue or nonverbal cue kind of disappear, you know, because it's really hard to find authenticity, you 70% of your communication is nonverbal. So right away it's kind of a new reality on a screen where you see someone is very formal, and this formal side can like remove the the awkward side of been saying, Hey, I've never met you before, and I, and I see you. And every thread I'm speaking of the direction has to fill, you know, and I lose that you lose the sense of connection with the people. So. So if I want to resume that it's you lose emotions, you cannot really feed on sense, all these emotions, and engagement is all about emotion. So the question is like, how do you really had the people make in networking online? How do you really make them feel? How do you help them to share their emotion between each other without being on a formal networking one on one event? That's a real question.Unknown Speaker It's a tough one, but it's universal. So if you had one piece of advice, or one idea, one takeaway for the evolvers, that are watching this video, this interview, that are struggling with that exact challenge, what would you be your your main takeaway for them?Unknown Speaker It's a very tough question. Sorry. Personally, what is important for us is, the first thing is the experience you want to create on your event. It's not about finding, putting a video or webinar that it's done, you know, I think for it's all about like, how do you want to capture the attention and everything is related to the content to the streaming for example, we do a lot of interactivity, but interactivity with 10 to 22nd, latency does not work. We provide a virtual screen via Trojans, you know, if you want to create a virtual audience on site, and if you ask him questions, he can share the emotion you can measure the nonverbal feedback, exactly live. And if you wait 10 to 15 seconds between the CEO speaking the the applause, it's not working. So all of this experience is so important. And I think the chips, the chips, maybe that superconference like What do what is the outcome of that? Yeah, the outcome is the experience is like, what the experience our my participant to be able to leave, because if they can show their emotions, if they can interact, if everything is super life, super real time, it's be here now, you know,Unknown Speaker love that. Okay, my last question for you is about this sense of community. Why do you think that event professionals should? Or would join a community like evolve? What value would they find there? And and what would it bring to them?Unknown Speaker Well, my first job, I was a magician, I know when you're, you know, you are which share secret with other magicians, but I can give you a tricks you can give me the tricks. But you know what, at the end of the day, okay, you show me a trick. But the real interesting part about the trick is the way you do it, you know, like, Okay, we have the same trick, but the way you do it, and I will This is what I will discuss with you as another magicians, and I think the actual event, I'm just doing a little improvisation comparison right now. I think, Okay, we have platforms, we have streaming the great part of evolve. And I think this is what I've learned personally, is you can share what you've done, you know, I've done this this way. Okay. Interesting. Because my perceptions you help people see differently, and I think ever, outside of just sharing listen to UPS, which is super important. It's also a way for the people to maybe to change a bit more their perceptions, because they will just like say, hey, wow, he I mean, three of us who are from different countries who organize events were but but we had a different position and what was really possible nothing ever brings out on the table.Unknown Speaker I'm speechless that actually gave me goosebumps. That's so true. And I absolutely love that you said that because that's really the value in an international community of people that are all in the same boat, essentially all struggling with the same thing. So you heard him learn from each other, share with each other and be open minded to new ideas and new perceptions. Yes, thank you so much. Yeah, coffee's on me. I'm gonna go pay.Unknown Speaker No, no, no, no, no, don't don't. Don't pay with that bill. Very, very dangerous. If you look at it like that you might have that bill might maintain to mature attention. No, no, don't pay with this one. Too dangerous.

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