So... What’s Evolve?

We started out as a once-off virtual event.
Now we're a community of 13,500 eventprofs with a passion for innovation and supporting each other. Evolve is the go-to resource for eventprofs. From making connections and sharing best practices to accessing exclusive content and downloading helpful tools and tips, this is your place!

And we want you to be part of it.
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Evolve’s past, present & future

The Origin Story

Back in May 2020, when the events industry was first faced with the global pandemic, Swapcard created a new virtual platform and needed a way to showcase the product to event planners.

We created Evolve, the first virtual event, where 4,000 global event planners joined to learn how to adapt to the changing industry. It was our way of helping the industry through a tough time. Evolvers asked the Swapcard team to leave the platform open and produce new content so they could keep learning.

Today, the community of Evolvers continues to grow, learn, and…evolve. We can’t wait to have you aboard!

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Behind the Evolve Community

Matt Snodgrass

Director of Community & Social at Swapcard

Matt is the resident Swapcard board gamer and community builder. He loves combining the best aspects of both to make things fun!

Mia Masson

Head of Content at Swapcard

Mia was there on day 1 of the brainstorming for the Evolve community. She loves asking questions and creating connections. Watch out, or she’ll try to interview you!

Julien Bouvier

Director of Event Marketing at Swapcard

Julien is an event planner who wears many hats. He loves storytelling, and enjoys weaving emotions into the communities he builds.

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